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If the result is "0", your order cannot be completed. This price calculator can only give you a general idea of what will be charged for a specific task. A precise cost estimate will be made after your request has been properly assessed. Click "Get cost estimate" to launch an e-mail listing your requirements. Please don’t delete the initial text.
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Please do not enter the number of pages of your English draft, but the estimated size of the completed German text, or otherwise the number of pages of your German master. One page equals 275 words or 2,100 characters with spaces.
Publications contributing to the scholarly or scientific discourse. Those include dissertations.
Publications addressing a professional audience: Textbooks, specialist books, applications, expert reports, etc.
Texts of a professional or documentary nature addressing a general audience: Package leaflets, instruction manuals, guides, news articles, features, all kinds of non-fiction publications.
These are texts designed to incite interest in a product, a brand, or a service in order to create an incentive to buy: Advertising, commercials, direct-mail, editorial advertising, etc. Sales catalogues can be considered like functional texts.
Calculate a considerable or high workload when your text is significantly affected by errors, very complicated, highly specialized, or requires a great amount of additional research. Calculate a minor workload, for instance, if your German is excellent and you have already throroughly revised your German text but want to make sure it is perfect.