Writing a German Text

It isn’t easy to deliver good writing…

…in one’s native language, let alone in another one. What is more, some say that German proves especially tricky when it comes to grammatical details. So, if you have to submit a text in German, why not save your precious time for developing your ideas and propositions rather than spending it on definite articles, case endings, and irregular verbs? Especially if you need your text in German only, it is much more convenient just completing a draft as opposed to a fully formulated English master.

All you have to do is sending me your English draft and giving me details about what type of text is required, and I’ll return to you a flawless German version of your final text. On the other hand, if you already have a complete German text which needs editing, I can do this as well. Please check what I need to know in the frame below. And please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you require additional information.



  • What kind of text do you need?
  • Length of text?
  • Who will read your text?
  • What do you need or want to accomplish with your text? What is your objective?
  • Are there certain keywords required in your text?
  • Do you need to follow certain rules of bibliographical quotation or of gender-neutral phrasing?
  • What deadline do you have to keep?
  • Would you like a cost estimate before you place your order?


  • Your English draft
  • The information specified above
  • If instead, you want me to proofread a German text translated from an English original, please enclose your English master text.
  • You may send me your draft as a digital file formatted as doc, docx, xml, pdf, odt, uot, pages, rtf, or txt.
  • Just attach it to an e-mail.
  • If you prefer to send me a letter, direct it to Dr Martin Schwehla, Tullnerbachstr. 109, 3011 Purkersdorf. Please enclose your e-mail address or phone number to make for further inquiries.
  • I cannot meet requests concerning scholarly qualification projects, like bachelor and diploma theses, beyond proofreading an already completed German manuscript.


  • I will send you a detailed outline of your request as well as a time plan.
  • In case you requested a cost estimate, I will convey it to you as quickly as possible.
  • If you approve of the cost estimate and the order recap, please return a written order confirmation, preferably by e-mail.
  • In case you changed your mind, I will delete any digital material you sent me, and return to you anything you sent me on paper.


  • I will contact you if there are issues to be discussed concerning your text.
  • According to schedule, I will deliver the finished text, preferably the same way as I received your draft.
  • In case you request a delivery by express service, I’m afraid I have to extra charge you the cost for it.
  • I will send you a fee note together with the final version of the text. Please pay by transferring the money into my Austrian bank account.